Lone Star LED Solar Lamps of Municipal Roadway LED Luminaires
Solar powered and energy efficient LED parking lot lighting from Lone Star LED can meet  lighting standards for roads and parking lots. By avoiding costly trenching, wiring and  
electrical connection, our solar lights can be installed for less than the cost of traditional grid-tie systems.
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Our product use the best LED  in the market
Solar lighting works by harnessing energy from the sun during the daylight and then using that energy to produce light at night. This makes solar lights a perfect choice for a garden,
street lamp, or car park since outdoor areas naturally receive the most sunlight.
The only downside to solar lights is that the panel needs to be placed in direct sunlight to be effective. If you live in an area that is frequently overcast, remote panels are a good
solution, as they allow you to place the panels where the sunlight is strongest, so that you can get the maximum energy from your solar lights.
Most modern solar lights come with an intelligent controller that turns the light on at dusk and turns it off at dawn, so there is no reason to worry about turning them on or off.
No Power? No Worries, let the
sun do the job with the best
Solar LED Street Lamps
We are proud to be the manufacturer of Geoda Solar
brand for Europe (Spain)

Also the Brand LIki For Central America ( Guatemala)
This model Lone Star Bright Star
now is going to be assembled in
Texas starting July 2020
T-Series LED street lights are using Nichia、 OSRAM or LUMILEDS®
LUXEON  3030 2D  luminous source, providing excellent lumen output,
long-lasting stability and  splendid sight.

T-Series LED street lights are using high-end LED driver with long lifespan.
Provide 10 years warranty on luminaire
Excellent thermal
management system
and heat radiation
enable the LEDs
consistently work
cooler, providing
signfiicant boosts to
lifetime and efficacy.
We are proud to announce our New Product, the Street lamp T Series